Computer technology news is definitely the work of journalists who have write visual, audio and multi-media material about technology, often on a deadline. This type of journalism requires researching and gathering data to create content that is widely passed out via the internet, cell phones, television, radio, magazine media or perhaps other technological means.

A fresh computer model raises the bar for how much information an artificial brains can consume at one time — potentially speeding up AI exploration and applications such as speech- or face-recognition courses. The new method is based on neuroscience and is called a spiking neural network.

After a tumultuous week that saw a staff revolt and changes to the board, Mike Altman has returned at the schutzhelm of artificial cleverness company OpenAI. Axios technology and coverage reporter Ashley Gold joins CBS News to unpack the situation.

In a indication of the times, tech companies have got the pace of layoffs this coming year. The number of firings has been increased by uncertainness in the global economy and slowing earnings growth. The layoffs are hitting a range of different industries.

A fresh soft sensor could help impaired and low-vision people maneuver around all their surroundings by simply detecting activity the way that bats apply echolocation. The device is usually flexible and is attached to prosthetics or automatic arms. Additionally, it can detect nerve conditions like traumatic brain injury or perhaps Alzheimer’s disease. It was developed by MIT and Stanford researchers. The US provides ratcheted up export limitations on advanced chip making equipment intended for China. Nevertheless India is normally pushing for your free-trade contract that would ease those restrictions.

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