Reader Question:

There’s this lady inside my college that I like, but i am confused concerning in which her thoughts are at. Here are some situations she does:

Even more stuff i cannot leave the top of my mind!

I enjoy this lady, but i am puzzled regarding whether she wants me personally or not. Exactly what are your ideas? Does she like me? Or does she maybe not? Is actually she shady?

Many thanks!

-David H. (California)

Expert’s Solution:

Hey David,

It may sound as if you have placed countless idea into this girl in school. Additionally, it feels like the two of you are near – sharing information that is personal with each other and obtaining intimate enough to understand how she smells. But I’m fascinated exactly why rather than permitting the connection advance naturally, you think the requirement to label it or determine it. I’m sure you need us to tell you point blank that the woman wants you, but I can’t do that.

What I can let you know, and you might not want to learn this, is that if you’d like to learn that badly, then you definitelywill need certainly to ask the lady. Certainly, easier in theory. But if you desire a concrete solution and you’re perhaps not ready to merely allow the relationship progress, then you will want observe where her head’s inside and also have “one of these conversations.” It may sound as if you have a fairly pretty good possibility with this particular woman, so good luck and let me know how it ends up.